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"We love what we do!"

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You can be sure that when you decide to use Ashe Productions for your cinematography you are getting a team that is passionately committed to creating something unique and personal, while capturing all the amazing details of your wedding! 


Jeff Ashe

Jeff is the founder, creative director and  lead cinematographer of Ashe Productions. His vast experience in all types of film sets our team apart.  All of our cinematographers have this same passion and share Jeff's philosophy for film making.

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Keith Glidewell

Keith is a cinematographer and director of photography whose experience ranges from high budget commercials and music videos to weddings and independent films. Keith has been working in the industry for 5 years and focuses on making organic moments feel as cinematic as possible.


Tom Whalen

Tom is our project manager at Ashe Productions. With over 15 years of experience, Tom knows every aspect of the business. He will make sure every aspect of your project runs smoothly, from booking and planning to filming and editing.

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Emily Treu

Emily started out in graphic design and then learned photography which led to the curiosity of video.  She honed her skills in the video and audio field and soon it became a passion and full time job.  Excited about the industry, Emily feels lucky to do what she does.  What she enjoys most is meeting new people and making them smile with something she created.

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Christian Maher

Christian is a graduate of Rowan University’s Communications Program. His lifelong passion for storytelling led him to become a cinematographer and video editor at Ashe Productions, where he’s helped produce eye-catching content since 2018.

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